Autumn Recipe: Pumpkin Soup


WOOD fires, cold crisp air and the crunch of auburn leaves, autumn is in full swing and what better way to embrace the pagan tradition of Hallows Eve than with a hearty bowl of pumpkin soup.

No stranger on the shelf, pumpkins, squash and all kinds of gourds are widely available in British supermarkets this time of year and, of course, your local green grocers. I bought a selection of colourful gourds from Lidl and couldn’t wait to turn them into this delicious soup!

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Recipe: Black Olive Palmiers

SIMPLE and delicate, these cute little French pastries are the perfect accompaniment to a sparkly festive drink.

You can make them big or small, serve as canapes with champagne or as an afternoon snack with a cup of coffee. Whichever way you choose, palmiers are really easy to make and look really impressive for minimal effort.

I’ve used black olive tepanade for this batch but you can shake up the flavours and make them salty or sweet. Experiment with different fillings, why not try nutella, wild garlic pesto, anchovy, fig preserve and goats cheese, apricot jam, sundried tomato, honey and walnut, harissa and feta cheese or a simple cinnamon sugar?

At Christmas, you could stuff them with mincemeat for an alternative mince pie! Other festive fillings could be creme de marrons and chocolate, brie and cranberry or redcurrent and stilton… The list goes on!

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Life Lately

YOU may or may not be wondering why I’ve been so quiet lately. Truth is, I’ve been busy enjoying life this summer (yes, we have summer in England… Sort of) and I love to fully immerse myself in what I’m doing and enjoy every second. It’s been a busy but fulfilling time but I’m now ready to settle down into autumnal cosiness and take the rest of 2017 at a slower pace.

My husband, Simon works away during the week and so weekends are our time to do with what we want and we try to fill them with meaningful things whether that be long walks in the country or along the beach with our dog, trying a new sport or activity or exploring new places and spending time in places we already know and love. We definitely did this at every opportunity over the summer, despite the English weather!

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Making a House a Home

This isn’t actually our house, I’m just one of those people who takes pictures of pretty front doors! Thought it was rather fitting.


IT’S been 18 months since we first moved into our house. We bought it just before we got married and rather embarrassingly, down to a number of factors, we still haven’t finished making it into a home.

Don’t panic, we do have furniture, running water and electricity, we’re not living in an empty cardboard box! However all our walls are stark white, all our carpets are grey and up until last month, we had no photos displayed anywhere. At times, it can feel a little cold and bare.

The past few months have been nothing less than hectic with both of us being busy, travelling frequently and both of us away from home for five consecutive weekends in August and September! Now it looks likely that we’ll be home for a long stretch (a welcomed one at that), we really feel it’s time we started focussing more on our house and making it into our home.

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Autumn Recipe: Toffee Apple Bread and Butter Pudding

OCTOBER is my favourite month not only because it is my birthday but autumn is undoubtedly the best time of year. Particularly the run up to Christmas (yes, I’ve already dropped the C-bomb) and I know it’s a favourite for many others too.

A time for cold crisp weather, pumpkin spice (I’m one of those, sorry not sorry), dark nights drawing in, knitwear, bonfires, Hallowe’en, beautiful golden leaves, woolly hats, big scarves and plenty of cups of tea. What’s not to love!?

This indulgent bread and butter pudding, made with brioche, is the perfect autumnal recipe for those cosy nights in with scented candles and lots comfort food.

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