Recipe: Wild Garlic and Rosemary Butter


THIS recipe is so simple, it’s barely even a recipe! However I really wanted to share it with you as it is a great way to enjoy the flavour of wild garlic throughout the year, particularly as the season is so short.

I made a big batch, thoroughly wrapped it up in cling film and stuck it in the freezer. This way I can slice a bit off as and when I need it and the rest will keep for future use. There are endless uses for wild garlic butter – you could melt it over a juicy lamb cutlet, grilled mushrooms, steak, asparagus, pan fried fish, rub some on a chicken before roasting or spread it over a ciabatta and pop it in the oven to make a nice garlic bread.

Wild Garlic and Rosemary Butter

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Keeps well in the freezer


1 Block of softened unsalted butter*

A Generous bunch of wild garlic (thoroughly washed)

A Few sprigs of rosemary

1-2 Tsp Seasalt*


  1. Finely chop the wild garlic and rosemary leaves – you need it to be really quite fine to ensure that you are not chewing on a mouthful of herbs when you use the butter. I like use a mezzaluna to do this but you can use a sharp knife.
  2. Gently beat the softened butter in a mixing bowl and add the herbs and sea salt. Mix well until all ingredients are fully incorporated.
  3. Turn the mixture out onto a couple of layers of cling film (plastic wrap). Wrap up and roll into a sausage shape before placing into the freezer until needed – make extra sure it is well wrapped.

This is a really simple yet versatile recipe! I can’t wait to try this on all sorts of grilled meats and veggies in the summer. If you can’t get hold of wild garlic then you can use a couple of finely crushed cloves of ordinary garlic. For a lighter flavour why not try adding grated lemon zest?

If you want to pick your own wild garlic, make sure to take a look at my rough guide first by clicking here!

*You can use regular salted butter if you prefer, just make sure to leave out the seasalt. I personally prefer using unsalted and adding seasalt when making flavoured butters as I find it really enhances the flavour and also makes it feel that little bit more luxurious.

Have you tried this recipe? Let me know how it went in the comment section below!


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