Skiing in Val Thorens: Resort Guide

VAL THORENS is set in the world-renowned ‘Les 3 Vallées’ ski area of France. It is Europe’s highest altitude ski resort and the area boasts over 600km of pistes across the Three Valleys – 150km of runs between VT and Orelle alone. With snowsure slopes, a long season, varied runs, breathtaking scenery and lively apres ski for those who want it; it’s a great resort whether you are an experienced snow sport enthusiast or indulging in your first ski holiday.

Having just returned from a briliant week of sunshine, skiing and snow in Val Thorens, I wanted to draw up a rough resort guide with a few tips and tricks for anybody who is thinking of visiting VT for the first time and/or looking to get the most out of their stay.

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My Bucket List

I’VE been doing a lot of thinking lately about life in general and all the incredible things this world has to offer. If I’m being completely honest, which I am, it absolutely blew my mind.

In an attempt to structure my thoughts, I have decided to collate my ambitions and create a ‘bucket list’ which I have shared with you guys below. There are so many things that I want to do, I’m not sure if I will ever get chance to complete this list but here’s to trying to tick off as many of them as possible!

If you have done anything on this list then I would be eager to hear all about your experiences! Please share with me in the comment section or get in touch via the contact page.

In no particular order…

Faye’s Bucket List

  1. Live abroad again
  2. Swim with whale sharks in the Philippines
  3. Visit French Polynesia
  4. Ski in Whistler, Canada
  5. Trek in the Himalayas
  6. Try white water rafting
  7. Climb a mountain
  8. Ride in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon
  9. See a musical on Broadway
  10. Visit Machu Picchu
  11. Visit Lapland
  12. Do a skydive for charity
  13. Try Yoga
  14. Visit Japan
  15. Road trip around Europe
  16. Visit Australia
  17. Visit New Zealand
  18. See Christ the Redeemer in Rio
  19. Go up the Burj Khalifa in Dubai
  20. Go on Safari in Africa
  21. See the Orangutans in Borneo
  22. Drink Kopi Luwak coffee
  23. Walk the Great Wall of China
  24. Watch a tennis match at Wimbledon
  25. Snorkel off the Gili Islands
  26. Learn a new foreign language
  27. Eat Fondue in Switzerland
  28. Visit New Orleans
  29. Visit Vietnam
  30. Put a ‘love lock’ on a bridge in Paris
  31. Snorkel in the Red Sea
  32. Road trip America
  33. Visit a volcano
  34. Explore Pompeii
  35. Fly in a private jet
  36. Travel solo
  37. Cross the equator
  38. Go on an Alaskan cruise
  39. Learn to surf – half way there
  40. Learn to snowboard – Tried it and want to do more!
  41. Go dog sledding
  42. Try bamboo rafting in Thailand
  43. Visit an Elephant sanctuary
  44. Swim with dolphins
  45. Ride in a hot air balloon
  46. Fly a plane
  47. Scuba dive
  48. See the Tarsiers in Bohol
  49. Go island hopping
  50. Climb Kilimanjaro
  51. See the Gorillas in Uganda
  52. Cruise the Nile
  53. Sleep in a capsule hotel in Tokyo
  54. See the northern lights
  55. Swim with pigs in the Bahamas
  56. Go pony trekking in Iceland
  57. See the pyramids of Giza
  58. Watch the sunset in Santorini
  59. Ride a camel in the Sahara desert
  60. Sleep in a yurt
  61. Stay in an igloo
  62. Swim amongst sea turtles
  63. Visit Las Vegas
  64. Fly first class
  65. Hike up a glacier
  66. See the Taj Mahal
  67. Make a wish at the Trevi Fountain
  68. Visit the Vatican
  69. Ride in a Gondolo in Venice
  70. Ride a Vespa in Ho Chi Minh City
  71. Stay onboard a super yacht
  72. Hike the Inca Trail
  73. Go Whisky tasting in Scotland
  74. Go to the Caribbean
  75. See the Norwegian fjords
  76. Do a trans-Atlantic cruise to New York
  77. Visit the Blue Lagoon, Iceland
  78. Go to Disney World in Florida
  79. Attend a Japanese tea ceremony
  80. Catch, cook and eat a fish
  81. Ride a jet ski
  82. Partake in Holi festival
  83. Give blood
  84. Afternoon tea at The Ritz
  85. Sleep under the stars
  86. Visit the salt plains of Bolivia
  87. Ride a horse along the beach at sunset
  88. Spend a night on an uninhabited island
  89. Meet a member of the Royal Family
  90. Go whale watching
  91. Do a bungee jump
  92. Visit the Amazon
  93. Drink a Singapore Sling at Raffles
  94. Learn to sail a boat
  95. Stay on Necker Island
  96. Surf at Waikiki beach
  97. Visit all 7 continents – 4/7
  98. Drive a snowmobile
  99. Ride a tram in San Francisco
  100. Ride along the Trans-Siberian Railway

Foods to try

  1. Fresh oysters
  2. Birds nest soup
  3. Crickets
  4. Frog legs
  5. Escargot
  6. Currywurst
  7. Foie Gras
  8. Durian
  9. Haggis
  10. Balut egg
  11. Kangaroo
  12. Ostrich
  13. Crocodile
  14. Kobe beef
  15. Lobster
  16. Mooncake
  17. Singaporean chilli crab
  18. Lechon baboy
  19. Pho in Vietnam
  20. Sea urchin
  21. Snake
  22. Century egg
  23. Indonesian Rice Table (Rijsttafel)
  24. Reindeer
  25. Caviar
  26. Gumbo in Louisiana
  27. Black truffle
  28. Poutine in Canada
  29. Ceviche in South America
  30. Cronut
  31. Kopi Luwak Coffee
  32. A hot dog in New York
  33. Macaron in Paris
  34. Sushi in Japan
  35. Fondue in Switzerland
  36. Real Texas BBQ
  37. Nasi Lemak
  38. Hainanese Chicken Rice
  39. Korean BBQ
  40. Kimchi
  41. Puffin in Iceland
  42. Rocky mountain oysters
  43. Black Ivory coffee
  44. Sauerkraut
  45. Dim sum in Hong Kong
  46. Pigs cheeks
  47. Bibimbap in Korea
  48. Tagine in Morocco
  49. Banh Mi in Vietnam
  50. Dal Bhat

This list is fluid and I will keep updating it as I think of things I want to do/remember things I have already done!

What’s on your bucket list? I would love to hear all about it 🙂

Much love,

Faye xo

Matcha Tea and Gluten Free: Thingy-Ma-Jigs Coffee House


GUISBOROUGH, my hometown, is an ancient market town located on the northern most edge of the North Yorkshire Moors, roughly 10 miles south of Middlesbrough – I urge you, please don’t knock the area until you’ve experienced it for yourself!

Good old Guisborough is home to a disproportionately large number of independent coffee shops and tea rooms, all equally lovely and each with their own individual quirks.

Every once in a while a new kid arrives on the block, the endearingly named ‘Thingy-Ma-Jigs Coffee House’ tucked away on Bow Street was the latest to catch my eye.

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