Recipe: Healthier Oaty Pancakes 

SHROVE Tuesday is upon us yet again. The beginning of lent is imminent and the start of the run up to Easter. It is an important date in any British household because… Well, pancakes of course!

‘Pancake day’, as it is colloquially known holds many a fond memory for Brits the world over. I remember eagerly rushing home from school to make sure I was first in the queue for one of my dad’s legendary pancakes.

Dad fancied himself as somewhat of a trick pancake flipper. Cautiously warning everyone to stand back, he would jerk the frying pan and in one movement was able to flip the floppy pancake over in midair and sometimes catch it in the pan. Sometimes he would miss or it would fold over on itself, but we didn’t mind – none of us could wait to smother our pancakes in a variety of sticky, sweet and occasionally fruity toppings. Nutella, peanut butter, honey, syrup or the classic lemon and sugar.

These days, I tend to be a little more health conscious and prefer to use this recipe for healthy oaty pancakes in place of the traditional ones. They are great for a casual Sunday morning breakfast or as a midweek dessert. Enjoy!

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Recipe: Boeuf Bourguignon


DURING the winter months, I love to make the most of the consoling combination of cold weather and comfort food, particularly any dish that requires long and slow cooking. I can’t quite explain why, but there is something deeply therapeutic about nurturing a stew or casserole from start to finish.

When the weather is bad or if I’m feeling a bit glum, I long to be snuggled under a blanket with a good book and my hubby and puppy by my side whilst a pot of something yummy bubbles away on the hob, causing a heavenly aroma to waft through the house.

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5 Early Morning Things to do in Singapore

SINGAPORE is easily one of my favourite places. With a combination of tropical heat, clean streets, friendly people, fantastic views, amazing food and not forgetting to mention the fiercely efficient public transport system, the MRT. This mix of modern and colonial is unsurpassable.

It was 5am when my husband and I arrived on our most recent visit. We had both been before but never together and as it was the first leg of our honeymoon, we were eager to cram as much into our three days as possible. As was expected, our hotel room was not going to be ready to use until 2pm. We dumped our bags and headed straight out into the hazy morning, keen to make the most of our time.

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Recipe: Garlic Miso Kidney Bean and Wild Rice Bowl

THE other night, I got home a bit later than I intended. I had yet to prepare lunch for work the next day and it was getting late. “It’s okay,” I thought to myself, life gets in the way of being organised sometimes and you have to be a bit creative with what you’ve got.

I must confess that I hadn’t found the time to do the weekly grocery shop yet and so I scrambled around to see if there was anything that I could make a meal out of. I had some leftover wild rice in the fridge, a tin of kidney beans and a few half-portions of veggies that needed using up. Perfect! With the aid of a couple of my trusty store cupboard staples, I managed to produce a quick and tasty lunch.

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A Bit About Me…

HEY, guys! Firstly, I just wanted to say a big thank you for checking out A Pinch of Wild, it means a lot that you are even reading this post. I am always looking to connect with new people so please feel free to drop me a line using the contact page; leave a comment or follow any other of my social media accounts:

Twitter: @apinchofwild

Instagram: @apinchofwildblog

I thought that I would take the opportunity to tell you a little bit about me, my life and why I decided to start blogging.

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Northumberland Shepherd Hut Stay


THE Harvest Hut is a restored shepherd’s hut set in the Northumbrian countryside overlooking the Cheviot Hills.

Located in a small wooded area on the same land as Laverlock Law Holiday Cottages near Lowick, this secluded little  spot made us feel like we were miles from civilisation. And this is no bad thing when you are looking to get away from the fast pace of modern life.

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Eight Store Cupboard Staples


I HAVE found that it is very useful to have a basic stock of go-to ingredients waiting in your cupboard to be used to brighten up that boring midweek meal. Simple yet versatile items that can add a bit of oomph to any recipe.

Many people have a favourite spice or flavour. For some it may be the classic combo of salt and vinegar on their chips, others may like using paprika or cumin on chicken or salmon. Below are my eight basic store cupboard staples that I have sitting on standby for when something needs a little spicing up.

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